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Cyber Security

Our compliance as-a Service (CaaS) is a continuous compliance platform that
will help your business achieve, maintain, and demonstrate its chosen security
standards (SOC2, NIST, CIS, ISO, and more)
Given increasingly stringent data protection, privacy regulations, 3rd party
requirements, and insurance mandates, your business can no longer wait to
satisfy and evidence compliance with these industry standards.
FTT offers in house Cybersecurity experts to carefully assess, plan, and
schedule the necessary security measures to satisfy these standards.
At anytime the customer can access dashboards and documentation of the of
the hardening activities, governance, policy, controls installed, and overall
progress of your standards backed security program.

Are you interested in -

Our FTMAX Cyber Product - powered by Fort Mesa so you can prioritize, alert, and remediate dangerous vulnerabilities within 24 hours of detection
● Expand and administer security controls as required by targeted
● Provide real time documentation and evidence of compliance with
security frameworks such as CIS, NIST, SOC2, HIPAA, and more
● Design and deployment of policies necessary to govern security best
practices within your organization
● The FTT FTMAX RISKCHAIN platform is unparalleled in the MSP Space. Our
team will map your entire organization, inventory digital assets, and
establish points of contact and escalation to ensure an agile response
to any future security incidents
● Periodically review and update by as changes in standards and best
● Real time reporting and documentation our clients can convey to any
requesting 3rd party (customers, insurance, investors, vendors,
regulators, and more)

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